Step out of who you were...

And into who you ARE. 



I did!

Hi there!

My name is Mandi and I'm a portrait photographer here in Wayneville, NC. I believe that your photo session should be a collaborative, creative process, something unique to you. It's your chance to be seen and photographed in a way you've always dreamed. My superpower is making sure you have fun doing it!  :)




Why bother?

When was the last time you had a photo taken of yourself that took your breath away?  That made you feel alive again?  Beautiful?  Worthy?  Badass?  Where you recognized a piece of yourself you hadn't seen in years?  What about future generations?  What photos will you leave behind for them?  

Getting photographed can mean something different to everyone.  But I tell you this, in my experience, seeing yourself in the light of who you truly are can be live-changing and transformational.  Ladies, we ALL deserve to feel amazing about ourselves.  We ALL are truly beautiful no matter our shapes, ages and sizes.


If not now, when?  It's time, darling... xoxo 

the experience

Your one-on-one, hour long consultation is my chance to really get to know you.  I love to hear about your life, your dreams and the kind of photos you'd love to have forever. We brainstorm some unique ideas together that completely represent you and bring wardrobe and location into the mix.   

Then, we meet the day of your photoshoot!  The big day!! And while you will feel like a fish out of water, I promise you'll feel comfortable in no time at all.  You'll have the opportunity to choose 3-4 completely different looks. We have a blast putting those plans to action and together we create gorgeous photos.  You will look and feel, amaaaazing.  

Two weeks later, it's time for your reveal.  Together we take a look at your prints and you only purchase the photos you love. All photos are professionally retouched to the amount you personally desire and comes on archival quality paper that will last for generations.  

Ready to win your photoshoot? 

Fill out the form below and be entered into a chance to win a COMPLIMENTARY photoshoot plus a matted print for your home.  Value of $750!

This is Jess! She's a copper artist that lives in Wenatchee, WA.  Her vision was to incorporate the materials she uses as an artist into her shoot!

"I could say SO much! Mandi did an amazing job. She was professional, prepared and even hauled some of her own props up some rough terrain to various locations on site. Not only that but she made me comfortable in the sense that I was working with a true artist."



This is Angie, a psychologist in Los Angeles.  She wanted something really feminine with backlighting...

"Mandi is such a lovely person and beyond amazing to work with. She's a skillful photographer who has a creative eye.  I have had other shoots with different photographers and I can honestly say Mandi has been my favorite photographer to work with.  She made the whole experience fun and easy. She's very professional but still allows her personality to come through which makes you feel like you're with a good friend. 


I felt so comfortable with her.  She literally pumps you up during the photoshoot and makes you feel so beautiful and confidant.  The photographs I received after the shoot are more than I could imagine-- I love them so much! I wish she didn't move because I would love the opportunity to work with her again." 


who will you be?