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Welcome to the Sabrina Fair Portraits Blog!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey folks!

In Los Angeles, I was primarily a natural light photographer and loved it. It's exciting when you've found really great light and even more satisfying when it's harsh noon day sun and you're able to still create great photos. I just love the look and feel of natural light.

Moving to Waynesville

Moving to Waynesville, however, there is a decent winter and plenty of rain! I knew immediately if I wanted to photograph here, I wanted to have a year round studio I could work in with accessible lighting, no matter the weather.

And thus my photography studio was born! I had a few shoots lined up when Coronavirus hit (a story for another time) so I'll be grateful when we can all safely move forward. In the meantime, please join me here as I'll always be updating this blog for stories of my shoots, some tips and a lot of fun. See you soon!

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