• Mandi Donohue

Quarantine Portrait Fun

Who'd have thought as 2020 started, it would be such a crazy and emotionally demanding year! I was in the process of starting my business in Waynesville when coronavirus hit. I have a two year old who keeps me busy but with a new photography studio just dying to be used, I've been taking photos of my family.

Note to self: Self Portraits are NOT easy. Ha! :)

But I definitely think while it's important to stay busy, I think even more so for me, it's important to stay creative. To just keep practicing, honing my skills and keeping my brain in 'muse mode.' (So easy to go down the rabbit hole!)

So when I start getting antsy, I have about ten minutes where she won't mind having her picture taken. I lucked out with the world's cutest kid, I have to say... even if she's covered in yogurt and God knows what. ;)

The Godfather

Anyway, how are y'all staying busy and sane? I am wishing everyone peace and healthy from my humble little studio. :)

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