• Mandi Donohue

Ruboleoan Dynamite

I swear I'm a real photographer, you guys!! I swear I don't just take photos of my kid, lol!!

So last weekend (?), when Ruby wanted photos of herself, Napoleon Dynamite was the plan. Her Aunt Kelli had bought her this awesome shirt and I thought it was be super cute and fun with that crazy hair she has. And thankfully, she obliged for five minutes. But THEN she saw Mommy's flower crowns and wanted to play with those instead. And so sneaky-Mommy pretended she got her way when really I wanted flower pictures too!!! Muahahaha!! Two shoots with one tot... pun intended. :)

So, yeah! That hair and the shirt... here's 'Rubolean Dynamite.'

Such a little cutie...

Ya know... I should probably stop my studio altogether and just set up an instagram of crazy Ruby pictures. What do you think? Geez... it'd probably put her through college. (And future therapy, lol).

Child actor face. "Be happy you have tots, Ruby!"

"No,, excited, you have tots."

"Okay, maybe just smile, kid."

"But smile with your chin down."

"And no teeth... Perrrrfect. Ore-Ida's gonna love this."

"Now a little Shirley Temple here... Perfect."

"Okay, now you just smoked a ton of weed with Seth Rogan and you've got the munchies for tots."

"And now you're a muppet! Sell the tots, kid! Sell the tots!!"

And that, ladies and gentleman... is how you sell a tot. lol And fun Napoleon Dynamite Movie Fact: My sister Darci Monet is the one singing 'The Rose' during the interpretive hand dance. If you or any loved ones need voice lessons, she is ALL THAT plus a bag of tots! "That's a wrap!"

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