• Mandi Donohue

Ruby at Three Years Old

It's that time again... Where I photograph my daughter and hope she give me long enough to do it- ha! I really love some of these photos. Some I'm just including cause they're funny but I hope you enjoy! :)

Golden Girls...

"Tonight I'm going to kill Lord Darnley with this knife up my sleeve just for chewing loudly."

"Easter Bunny... with great admiration and respect, I beg of you chocolate eggs on Easter. Look at this face. I only get more precious from here."

Future Puck or Titania? Place your bets, lol...

"I thought this was going to be way more fun. Papa takes me to the park."

"I'm so bored I hope I find remnants of breakfast on my face."

"No more yielding but a dream, Gentles, do not reprehend. If you pardon, we will mend." (She's a Puck, folks).

Quick pause here... That skin looks so tender. From a professional standard, I'm supposed to smooth out her skin like I did in the photo that follows. But I prefer this. It reminds me of when she was a baby... and now I'm crying.

See? I smoothed out her skin. Which do you prefer? Finished or a bit more real?

"The door is about 20 feet away... I could make a run for it..."

Like Rembrandt, Vermeer, all the great masters before me... be sure to catch your subject yawning... such a delicate flower...

You know what I think about this photoshoot? *FARTING NOISE*

Thanks for reading!! I love my sweet girl... She's also insane... But you have to catch the angelic moments when you can, am I right, moms?

Want to schedule a photoshoot that also includes your children? Have a full session alone and full of pampering, and then we can pop them in at the end with something dreamy like this. Dads, Mother's Day is coming!! Nothing is more special than a day of pampering and being reminded of our worth with gorgeous photos that follow. :)

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